22-23 May 2019: Peer Learning Activity "The use of credit and credit points to facilitate the recognition of prior learning"

Tallinn, Estonia
2019/05/22 to 2019/05/23


The PLA has explored different options of how credit(s) and credit points can be used to facilitate the recognition of prior learning (formal, non-formal, informal) from different learning contexts. The host country Estonia is an example of a country that implemented ECVET principles on system level. There are legal acts in place, ‘Estonian vocational education credit points’ are used in curricula design. 40 participants from 16 countries attended the PLA. To compare and contrast with this approach, differing concepts from other countries will be presented: Credit systems, credit frameworks, credit transfer (in systems with and without units), etc. Malta, Ireland and Romania presented their national systems.

The participants could then discuss various questions in working groups. 

Please find below the presentations made during this Peer Learning Activity and the PLA Synthesis report published on this website on 25 June 2019.