20-21 June 2019: Annual ECVET Forum, The Netherlands

The Netherlands


The Annual ECVET Forum 2019 discussed ‘Using the ECVET principles to connect learning and working in tomorrow’s labour market’ - European, national, local and sectoral policies and initiatives'. This year the event was hosted in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The Annual ECVET Forum 2019 was a place for discussion and exchange between policy makers and practitioners with experience in using ECVET to modernise their VET systems and connect learning and working.

The Forum gathered over 130 participants to discuss examples of using ECVET Principles to support flexible VET pathways as well as networking between employers, Erasmus+ National Agencies and VET providers on ‘skills needs of the future’ in an ‘Idea Incubator’.


Plenary & Background paper Link
Annual ECVET Forum 2019 Background paper  Download (PDF, 188 KB)
Workshop 1 Link 

Workshop 1 Overview: Using the ECVET principles to support qualification/ curriculum design

Download (PDF, 68 KB)
Workshop 2 Link
Workshop 2 Overview: How to use the ECVET principles to support Upskilling Pathways for low-qualified adults? Download (PDF, 47 KB)

Workshop 3 Link

Workshop 3 Overview: Using the ECVET Principles to support the re-skilling of individuals

Download (PDF, 49 KB)


Workshop 4 Link

Workshop 4 Overview: Sectoral approaches to tackling skills gaps and the role of ECVET principles 

Download (PDF, 55 KB)
Workshop 5 Link

Workshop 5 Overview: Using the ECVET principles to support recognition of learning outcomes from periods of work-based learning (WBL)

Download (PDF, 56 KB)