17-18 May 2017: PLA on 'ECVET principles to support flexible pathways in work‐based learning and apprenticeships' in San Sebastian and Bilbao

San Sebastian and Bilbao
2017/05/17 to 2017/05/18

The purpose of the PLA is:

The entire Spanish VET system has a modular dimension. This also applies to the apprenticeship model, which is rather unusual as countries with strong apprenticeship systems (e.g. DE, AT) often use a ‘holistic’ approach. Furthermore, the Basque approach (‘formación profesional’) allows individuals above the age of 18 to obtain partial VET qualifications, which are also cumulative. The PLA in the Basque Country served as an interesting opportunity to compare the Basque approach with others and discuss how ECVET principles and tools, and their developments, can support flexible pathways in the different systems.

The main goals of the PLA were:

  • To gather first-hand information about the work-based learning (WBL) system in the Basque region, more specifically the articulation of a modular approach with a dual apprenticeship system;
  • To compare and contrast this with the organisation of WBL and apprenticeships in other countries;
  • To share experiences and learn from each other with a strong focus on implementation and operational questions (e.g. how to organise the collaboration between schools and workplaces, what kind of support is needed for in-company trainers), and
  • To discuss how ECVET principles can be applied and developed to support flexible pathways including work-based learning and apprenticeships.

The PLA Participants visited TKNIKA in San Sebastian, the Basque Centre for Research and Appliced Innovation in VET, please click on this link to watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iuBILF0D48

Below is a video presenting the VET system in the Basque region

Below is a video presenting the Basque region, including VET and innovation

Below is a video presenting TKNIKA, the Basque centre for research and applied innovation in VET

The below video shows the FormulaOne Pit stop difference between 1950 and 2013