14-15 June 2018: Annual ECVET Forum: Using ECVET for long-duration mobility

Sofia, Bulgaria
2018/06/14 to 2018/06/15

The Annual ECVET Forum 2018 was dedicated to the topic of ‘Using ECVET for long-duration mobility’.

In 2017, the European Commission launched ‘ErasmusPro’, a new dedicated activity within the Erasmus+ programme to support long-duration (3-12 months) mobility, in particular placements of apprentices abroad. ErasmusPro has opened up the possibility for 50,000 additional young people to spend at least 3 months of their training in another Member State in the period 2017-2020.

The Annual ECVET Forum 2018 has been a place for discussion and exchange on mobility, ECVET and ErasmusPro, and also served as a networking event. The first day focused on discussing the topic of long-duration mobility, its main challenges and success factors, and how ECVET principles can help; while the second day of the Forum was an opportunity to networking between employers, NAs and VET providers interested in long-duration mobility in a ‘Project Incubator’.