11-12 October 2018: ECVET Network Meeting

Thessaloniki, Greece
2018/10/11 to 2018/10/12

This year's Network Meeting took place in Thessaloniki, Greece at CEDEFOP. The participants from the National Coordinators of ECVET Teams, the ECVET Experts and the ECVET Users' Group discussed a number of topics, including 'The future of VET: ECVET in the European VET policy context’. The results and latest developments from the following studies were presented at the meeting to frame discussions on the future role of ECVET: "Vocational mobility in Europe outside of Erasmus+" (DG EMPL), "Instruments supporting the European Union vocational education and training policy" (DG EMPL) and "The Future of VET" (CEDEFOP). Participants also had an opportunity to watch the inspiring video by Skills Development Scotland on 'Future Jobs and Industry' (available to view here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITJUQre19Mg).

11-12 October 2018: ECVET Network Meeting

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