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Are you looking for in-depth information on ECVET and related topics? The Knowledge Centre is the place to be.

The Knowledge Centre is a repository of analytical sources addressing ECVET theory and practice that were issued at national, European and international level. The Knowledge Centre allows to access and download documents such as evidence-based research (e.g. Cedefop or ETF reports), project reports (e.g. EU funded project reports focusing on ECVET implementation) and background papers prepared for ECVET-related events at national or European level.

Information can be found by typing key words of your choice in the ‘search’ device below or by selecting preferred themes and/or types of sources. The tool also allows to select sources by language.

The Knowledge Centre is maintained by the ECVET Secretariat. To help us to continuously update and enrich the content of this repository, please submit any documents that you think should be accessible under the ECVET Knowledge Centre via email to the ECVET-Secretariat.

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