Essential ECVET Documents

ECVET Recommendation

ECVET was established legally at European level by the Recommendation of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 June 2009 on the establishment of a European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET). The document advises Member States to create the necessary conditions and adopt measures for its implementation. ECVET principles and technical specifications are defined in annex of the recommendation.

ECVET Users’ Guide

The ECVET Users’ Guide is a series of three documents produced by a group of European ECVET experts and approved by the ECVET Users’ Group, intended to explain the key concepts of ECVET and to discuss good practice in using ECVET for organised mobility and lifelong learning. It is intended to be used by people engaging in experimentation or implementation of ECVET, such as policy-makers, institutions in charge of designing and awarding qualifications, VET providers, etc.

  • Part 1: "Get to know ECVET better - Questions and Answers" (February 2011, revised version)
  • Part 2: "Using ECVET for Geographical Mobility" (October 2012, revised version)
  • Part 3: "Using ECVET to Support Lifelong Learning" (November 2011)

Get to know ECVET better - Questions and Answers 

The first document aims to explain and illustrate the key concepts and principles of ECVET. The content is organised in the form of questions and answers provides examples of possible approaches. It is divided in three parts: explanations of key concepts and processes, functions of ECVET competent institutions, and examples and possible approaches to the concrete application of ECVET concepts and processes.

A shorter version online of the questions and answers is available here.

Using ECVET for Geographical Mobility

The second document was written to explain the role of ECVET in facilitating the transnational mobility of learners. It presents some possible scenarios for using ECVET in this context, but it is not designed as a manual explaining step-by-step what to do in order to implement ECVET for mobility.

A toolkit for ECVET mobility is also available online.

Using ECVET to Support Lifelong Learning

This third document is intended to inspire further experimentation of ECVET for lifelong learning and to support the application of ECVET in the recognition of learning outcomes in different situations. It was written to illustrate the added value of ECVET technical specifications in creating flexible learning pathways in a lifelong learning perspective.