ECVET Mutual Learning

The ECVET events organised in 2020 will be carried out under DG EMPL’s Mutual Learning Services Framework, managed by ICF. ICF will support the European Commission to facilitate mutual learning in the European ECVET Network, aiming to:

  • Enhance cooperation between the EU Member States and the Commission,

  • Ensure dissemination of knowledge and experience about ECVET, and

  • Communicate and disseminate news about ECVET and learning outcomes from events via a newsletter.

ECVET Corporate Identity

The ECVET Corporate identity chart provides an overview of how the ECVET logo should be represented in all of the network’s information and communication materials. The ECVET logo is free to use, on the grounds that the corporate identity charter criteria are met. The application of the ECVET logo is the sole responsibility of the user. The European Commission and the ECVET Secretariat cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made. To receive the logo please contact ECVET Secretariat: [email protected]

Download: ECVET Corporate Identity Guide 2019 (PDF, 736 KB)