Videos on ECVET Pilot Projects

ECVET secretariat have produced several videos demonstrating the implementation of ECVET across Europe. Below is a selection of case study videos demonstrating Pilot Projects for the period 2008-2012 and 2011-2014.

All ECVET project videos are available on the ECVET Secretariat YouTube channel here.

Pilot Projects 2008-2012

In 2008, the European Commission issued a call for proposal to finance international partnerships to test the implementation of the ECVET process in the context of learners’ geographical mobility. As a result, 11 pilot projects were selected for the period 2008-2012. Most of these projects tackled issues related to the context of formal initial vocational education and training and tested ECVET in the context of transnational mobility of learners. However, some also raised issues related to the mobility of workers and lifelong learning.

Pilot Projects 2011-2014

In 2010, the European Commission issued a new call for proposals to finance a second generation of pilot projects. A specificity of this call for proposals was its focus on supporting national implementation. Eight projects were funded in the period 2011-2014. The projects were required to include the support of system-level implementation of ECVET in their objectives. Moreover, the projects were regarded as an important part of Member States’ efforts to create the necessary conditions to develop and test measures for the gradual implementation of ECVET.