7-8 November 2019: ECVET Network Meeting

Brussels, Belgium
2019/11/07 to 2019/11/08

The ECVET Network meeting is the one event in the ECVET calendar of events that brings together the Users’ Group and the National Coordinators of national teams of ECVET experts. The ECVET Network meets once a year to discuss policy developments with regard to ECVET on a broader basis. This will be the fourth ECVET Network meeting and it will constitute the 25th Users’ Group meeting. The ECVET Café takes place the day after the Network meeting and it provides an informal space for National Coordinators to share experiences and learn from each other. The next sections outline further details of the concept developed for the ECVET Network Meeting and ECVET Café 2019 and give an overview on the state of play and next steps.

The Network meeting 2019 will provide participants with an update on the state of play of ECVET related developments at the European level as well as presenting the latest insights, and next steps, from the ongoing evaluation of the validation of informal and nonformal learning Recommendation. This year for the first time, the  Network meeting is taking place after VET Skills Week. Therefore, the Network meeting will include a short update on the relevant outcomes.

The ECVET Café will create a mutual learning environment where all national coordinators can learn from each other and their experiences; consider options to take forward in their own national contexts and potential actions for their national experts in relation to working with employers and awarding bodies within the future VET landscape.

Registrations are open to ECVET Users' Group members, ECVET experts and Coordinators of national ECVET experts. Invitations sent by email.