A Cedefop conference "Stepping up the pace. The next stage of European tools for transparency, recognition and quality for learning and work” (27-28 November 2014)

The conference reflected on two of the core objectives addressed by European cooperation in education and training: - facilitation of the mobility and progression of European learners; - improvement of education and training; The following key points have been identified: - the relevance of European tools to individual learners, citizens as well as to the labour market; - the development of a common learning outcome-based language; - the transfer and accumulation of learning within and across national and institutional borders; - the role of credit and validation arrangements; - the promoti

Cedefop briefing note “Qualifications frameworks: expanding influence, persisting obstacles” November 2014

Cedefop is systematically mapping and analysing the emergence of qualifications frameworks in European countries. The briefing notes relate processes of NQF’s implementation in different countries. It also provides the state of play of main developments of qualification frameworks in Europe and referencing to EQF. On the side of end-users, it gives solutions for an NQF to be visible, and thus help learners to plan their education and training careers. It also explains how to link NQFs and arrangements for validation of non-formal and informal learning.

“European Business Forum on Vocational Training 2014”_september 23 and 24 in Brussels

The European Business Forum on Vocational Training 2014 put the spotlight on how VET providers and businesses can work in partnership to provide the skills needed to spur growth and competitiveness in Europe. In preparation for the European Business Forum on Vocational Training 2014, the “Survey of VET-business cooperation on skills, entrepreneurship and apprenticeships” was done, which can be downloaded.