A Cedefop workshop on the quality assurance of certification in IVET (26 and 27 March 2015)

A Cedefop expert workshop addressed the different mechanisms that ensure the quality of certification processes in initial vocational education and training (IVET).The issues of VET quality assurance and application of learning outcomes across Europe were discussed.
The results of workshop will inform Cedefop’s work on:
• synergies between the European tools and instruments
• comparative studies on quality assurance of certification in IVET
• application of learning outcomes approaches across Europe.

Cedefop briefing note “Old roots for new routes”-february 2015

Cedefop is the European Union’s agency that helps design vocational education and training (VET) policies that promote excellence and social inclusion and strengthen European cooperation in VET.
This briefing note informs on the Cedefop’s role as provider of country-specific information regarding policies for modernizing VET, identifying particular trends and needs in Member States. It also explains Cedefop priorities for 2012-16. Finally, the reader will find an outline of some of Cedefop’s achievements and highlights of its work programme for 2015 in the following areas:

IBW research brief: ECVET in the non-formal education sector- February 2015

The research brief concerns the Austrian strategy for implementing ECVET in the continuing education and training and adult learning sector.
It implies an “improved recognition of formally, non-formally and informally acquired learning outcomes”.
After assessing implementation barriers the project creates the prerequisites for interlinking formal and non-formal education more strongly.

Cedefop briefing note “Career guidance in unstable times”- January 2015

This briefing notes focuses on lifelong guidance systems. Lifelong guidance responds to a triple challenge of Economic crisis, social exclusion and uncertain careers.
Guidance and counselling, link individuals’, enterprises and governments’ goals. It can help individuals realise their aspirations, with a better understanding of their career prospects and learning needs.