The Commission has adopted a new Skills Agenda for Europe

The new Skills Agenda for Europe launches a number of actions to ensure that the right training, the right skills and the right support is available to people in the European Union. It will aim at making better use of the skills that are available; equip people with the new skills that are needed - to help them find quality jobs and improve their life chances.

More information is available on the Commission's website.

Promoting recognition of learning across ECVET and ECTS: Malta’s 4th Edition of the Referencing Report

Malta has this year published the 4th edition of its Referencing Report. This document does not only presents the Malta Qualifications Framework (MQF) and how it is referenced to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), but also introduces a simple understanding for both ECVET and ECTS. The first chapter defines a ‘credit’ to be equivalent to a workload of 25 hours of learning, whether ECTS or ECVET. The orientation and methodology of the learning experience may be different, but credits are assigned according to this same definition.