The first European Education Summit

The first European Education Summit was held in Brussels on 25 January 2018. The event was hosted by Tibor Navracsics, Commissioner for Education and Training, under the Bulgarian presidency of the Council of the EU. Education ministers, practitioners, stakeholders and business leaders were invited to discuss how to lay the foundations of the European Education Area for an innovative, inclusive and values-based education.

ECVET Manual Malta 2017

The second edition of the ECVET Manual Malta has been published in December 2017 by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE). The manual was prepared by the team of ECVET experts in Malta in coordination with the NCFHE and the European Union Programmes Agency (EUPA). The objective is to provide on-going support to VET providers in drafting programmes in line with ECVET. The manual does not only considers the ECVET conversion, but gives a presentation of ECVET goals and principles, and the potential use of ECVET in different contexts.

Atlas for Jobs and Qualifications

INAPP, the National Institute for Public Policy Analysis (formerly ISFOL) in Italy, recently presented the Atlas for Jobs and Qualifications, a database for occupations. Atlas is built on the European legislation on qualifications and learning outcomes, including the ECVET recommendation, and aims to provide a universal description of occupations. The database is built on three pillars:

Cedefop's Handbook on defining, writing and applying learning outcomes

Cedefop recently published a European handbook on 'Defining, writing and applying learning outcomes'. It offers concrete examples of the use of learning outcomes and provides an overview of existing guidance and research material supporting the definition and writing of learning outcomes. The handbook was written for those involved in defining and writing learning outcomes. You can find the publication on the website of the Cedefop.