Expert support

Supporting your organisation

The ECVET Secretariat works together with a pan European network of experts with broad experience in organising and managing ECVET projects, doing research on ECVET and related topics, and carrying out training and information sessions on ECVET.

These experts are happy to offer tailored support to implementation bodies or stakeholders’ organisations at national, regional, European or sectorial level. For instance, they can support your sectoral training, information and communication activities, be it at EU-level (EU sectoral bodies) or at national level. 

The ECVET Secretariat offers this tailored ad-hoc service in regard to your country and/or institutional/sectoral context. Experts will work closely with your organisation to develop bespoke activities that fit your specific needs and demands.

Examples of expert support 


Experts supported the Erasmus+ Latvian National Agency, to promote ECVET and provide stakeholders with a European perspective on ECVET implementation on two occasions. 

Firstly, ECVET Secretariat expert actively participated in a national policy forum which took place in Riga on 28 October 2016. The expert from the ECVET Secretariat made a short presentation regarding the European perspective of ECVET implementation approaches, as well as contributing to a panel discussion with employers and ministry representatives. They also provided an update on wider European developments. 

The expert made a very detailed and comprehensive overview on ECVET developments in Europe, emphasizing topicalities and further challenges at European level.
Latvian Erasmus+ National Agency 

Secondly, another ECVET Secretariat expert contributed to an international conference about ECVET in the context of lifelong learning. The event, which took place in Riga, Latvia and organised by the Erasmus+ Latvian National Agency, was held as part of the European Vocational Skills Week. The expert gave a presentation that provided an overview of European perspectives, tools and approaches, and presented the details of the Austrian approach to implementing ECVET. 


ECVET Secretariat experts supported the Erasmus+ National Agency in Malta by reviewing and providing feedback on an ECVET information sheet, produced by the national Maltese ECVET Experts. The Maltese National Agency consulted with the ECVET Secretariat experts to develop factually correct content. The information sheet was distributed at national ECVET events.

In October 2017, experts from the ECVET Secretariat reviewed an ECVET Manual that the Maltese Erasmus+ National Agency had drafted. The manual explained ECVET processes and elements and provided guidance on its use to employers, education providers and the general public. The ECVET Secretariat experts provided technical support and feedback on the contents. 


An expert from the ECVET Secretariat attended a project meeting for the VECTOR-Tourism project to discuss how learning outcomes and units of learning outcomes can be used in curriculum development. Read ECVET Magazine Issue 28 to find out more about how the expert helped this project understand and apply ECVET principles. 

If you would like to find out how ECVET Secretariat can support you, please contact the ECVET Secretariat by email