Expert support

How the ECVET Secretariat can support your organisation

The ECVET Secretariat works together with a network of experts with broad experience in organising and managing ECVET projects, doing research on ECVET and related topics, and carrying out training and information sessions on ECVET.

These experts are happy to offer tailored support to implementation bodies or stakeholders’ organisations at national, regional, European or sectorial level. For instance they can:

  • Support your national training, information and communication activities;
  • Support your sectoral training, information and communication activities, be it at EU-level (EU sectoral bodies) or at national level. 

We are prepared to offer this as an ad-hoc service tailored to your country and/or institutional/sectoral context. We will work closely with your organisation to develop bespoke activities that fit your specific needs and demands.

Please contact the ECVET Secretariat by email and we will get in touch with you!