ECVET Secretariat

The ECVET Secretariat provides support for the efficient organisation and management of the range of activities which comprise the ECVET Annual Work programme. Thereby, the ECVET Secretariat is committed to enhancing cooperation between the EU Member States and the Commission, facilitating mutual learning and ensuring dissemination of knowledge and experience about ECVET.

The main tasks of the ECVET Secretariat include:

  • Support to the meetings of the ECVET governing bodies (ECVET User’s Group, ECVET Working Group, ECVET Network) by organising the meetings and disseminating the outcomes
  • Support to communication and mutual learning within the wider ECVET Community of Practice by organising and implementing Peer Learning Activities and the Annual ECVET Forum 
  • Expert support and input to the drafting of various policy documents and reports (analytical papers, background documents, guidance notes, synthesis reports, etc.) and the work of the working groups
  • Communication and dissemination of news about ECVET and learning outcomes from events through the ECVET Magazine and the ECVET Secretariat website.


The ECVET Secretariat Core Team:

Daniela Ulicna, Project Director

Daniela is a senior level policy analyst responsible for directing the ECVET Secretariat. Daniela guides and quality assures the work of the ECVET Secretariat, ensuring coherence with broader policy developments in related fields. Email Daniela at

Karin Luomi-Messerer, Thematic Lead

Karin’s broad experience as a senior level policy analyst puts her in the right position to ensure the quality of the events and materials developed. Moreover, Karin ensures the content is relevant and accessible to a wider audience of policymakers, VET providers and other important stakeholders. Email Karin at

Anette Curth, Project Manager

Anette is a senior level programme manager, responsible for guiding and organising the work of all members of the ECVET-Secretariat to ensure the efficient and successful implementation of the Annual ECVET work programme. Email Anette at

Stephanie Oberheidt, Deputy Project Manager

Stephanie is a senior level policy analyst and project manager. She works with and supports Anette particularly with the preparation of background notes/preparatory materials for events and with the online Knowledge Hub. Email Stephanie at

Emmanuelle Meens, Project Coordinator

Emmanuelle is responsible for coordinating day to day work of the ECVET Secretariat activities, including organising meetings and providing information and administrative support to the ECVET Users’ Group members. Email Emmanuelle at