Podcast on mobility for apprentices in Europe available

ECVET plays a key role in having recognised the learning acquired during a period abroad, in a foreign company. Mobility can help apprentices to learn new skills and competences that can be used in their workplace.

The program ‘Welt im Ohr’ on the Austrian webradio, Ö1-Campusradio, recently discussed this topic gathering personal experiences. Three apprentices have talked about their personal experiences and, more broadly, about the possibilities and limitations of internship periods abroad.

The three guests involved in the discussion are: Gernot Grinschgl, a trainer at Landesberufsschule Eibiswald and initiator of the European Mobility for Styrian Youth Network, Mag. Susanne Klimmer, Managing Director of International Experts Exchange and Melanie Walek, apprentice at Kontinale , formerly Marketing Director and Deputy Managing Director at BlueBird (internal junior company).

You can listen the podcast on the OEAD webpage